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Escaline is a hallucinogen-psychedelic, a new designer drug designed to go through customs without problems. Escaline designer narcotic from the 2C series on the action has more pronounced





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4 reviews for BUY ESCALINE

  1. legichemsales

    Thank you Legit, the quality of ESCALINE i received is outstanding. Thank you for the fast & timely supply.

    Nancy Dimero.

  2. Elvis Laklasic

    My Escaline came through without any issue I was so scared that I gave a secured address for the drop off. I am happy to find a place where I can get all the Escaline suppliers I need.

  3. Maxicano Divino

    Best Escaline ever, I am happy you pulled this trough all the time.

  4. Merganna Evans

    I am happy to announce to you all that all our 6 transactions have been on point.
    Delivery: 100%
    Purity: 100%

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