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Customer Reviews 

 Nowadays, it is hard to believe people, specially when it comes to the sales and purchase of products such as Research chemicals, cannabinoids, opioids and psychedelics. It is never advisable to rush to just any website and buy them as you have to consider what kind of quality/potency of products they sell and also if the maintain privacy and keep whatever details you provide to them anonymous and off course if they are trustworthy to make payments using your details. I don’t know about others but I can openly say that Legit Chem Sales is the top supplier of all the above products and you should trust them. Your payments and personal details are safe with them and you will surely receive the purest quality of products you can find anywhere.  

Meyinda Roy

In my opinion there’s no online seller like LCS. They offer competitive market prices and good discount especially when payment is by Bitcoin BTC payment on almost every product. I placed my first order for SSD Chemical Solution with LCS and within of 7 days I got my 20 liters delivered to my address in Canada. They are the best in offering top services and products. They can complete any requirements in timely manner. After receiving my first order, I was a little skeptical thinking they might have sent water to me instead of SSD Solution, but after rigorous laboratory testing with my team the results turn out to be quality SSD Solution.

Obrian Tad

I am here to recommend Legit Chem Sales to you all around the world looking for where to buy any type of Research Chemicals. In July 2020, I had urgent need of GBL in Japan, I had a burden on finding the right vendor as I wanted only the best quality. After a few failed attempts, I found my all-time best supplier in the face of Legit Chem Sales store. LCS has over the years maintained the unmatchable purity of GBL. I am highly impressed with their working style. When buying research chemicals from LCS, you are 100% guaranteed to receive quality products upon arrival of your package. Buy Research Chemicals from LCS today. Try them out and thank me later.

Elise Jons

Trust me it is not an overstatement for me to say that Legit Chem Sales is top among the few legit research chemical sellers. If you are looking for where to buy the unadulterated crystal meth, ketamine then look no further. I have never met such professionals before. Their 24/7 support service helped me in tracking my order. I did not miss a single detail about the shipping and delivery of my research chemical. You too should make LCS your only supplier.  

Ketamine.                   Luke Saunders 





It is not in my nature to write reviews for any of my purchases of controlled substances. But the product and service I received from Legit Chem Sales storehouse convinced me to write one for them in order to help people buy controlled substances without being cheated or receiving low standards products. Well, I would say that I never expected that I am going to get this brilliant experience from here. But these people surprised me in a good way by a constant supply of 1kg of Cocaine monthly here in the USA.

Ketamine                  Joel McLelland


Just like the saying- “New Year comes with new things,” I got my new supplier for Euthylone. I was looking everywhere but unable to find that one supplier in whom I can rely on regarding products purity & timely deliveries. I got my one and only supplier LCS. Super product quality, Excellent coordination prompt delivery. I am pleased and well satisfied. 

.                                        Lieve Rossi

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