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RS Chem 3C-P new designer drug psychedelic. The new modified formula makes it available in many countries and goes through customs without problems. The psychedelic effect of 3C-P is similar

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3C-P is a psychedelic phenethylamine. It has structural and pharmacodynamic homes similar to the medication mescaline, proscaline, and amphetamine.

Little records exist on the human pharmacology of 3C-P, however, a psychedelic dosage seems to be 20–40 mg,[medical citation needed] and is observed by using stimulant and psychedelic effects together with visual enhancement and distortion. [medical citation needed] it may be synthesized from syringaldehyde with the aid of a reaction with n-propyl iodide followed via condensation with nitroethane and reduction.

The toxicity and lengthy-time period fitness consequences of recreational 3C-E use no longer seem to be studied in any medical context and the exact poisonous dose is unknown. that is due to the fact that 3C-E is a research chemical with little or no history of human usage.

Anecdotal proof from people inside the network who have attempted 3C-E shows that there aren’t any bad health effects attributed to clearly trying it with the aid of itself at low to moderate doses and the use of it very sparingly (but not anything may be completely assured). unbiased studies need to continually be executed to make sure that an aggregate of two or more materials is safe before consumption. it is strongly encouraged that one use damage discount practices when the usage of this substance.

3C-E is not habit-forming, and the desire to use it may truly lower with use. it’s by far most customarily self-regulating. Tolerance to the results of 3C-E is built nearly right now after ingestion. After that, it takes about 3 days for the tolerance to be reduced to 1/2 and 7 days to be again at baseline (inside the absence of similar consumption).

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3C-E presents go-tolerance with all psychedelics, which means that when the consumption of 3C-E all psychedelics will have a reduced effect. Cognitive effects on the user.SVG The cognitive consequences of 3C-E are described as generally stimulating and barely difficult, especially at higher dosages. the whole sum of those cognitive components regardless of the placing commonly includes: Conceptual wondering Confusion thought acceleration thought connectivity.

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