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MEAI is a new designer drug, it influences the pleasure center, evokes euphoria and gives energy, unforgettable impressions. The new formula makes it legal and without obstacles passes



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Aminoindanes (AIs) were withinside the starting study as semi-rigid congeners of phenylethylamines, which can be psychoactive alkaloids.1,2,3MEAI is a spinoff of MMAI (item No. 13895), a psychoactive aminoindane that has been diagnosed in leisure drug mixtures.1 MEAI differs in form from MMAI by means of the use of the absence of a methyl organization. This product is meant for forensic and studies functions.

MEAI a modern-day format pre-tool developed for chemical studies is a strong stimulant inflicting euphoria just like amphetamine and MDM. This chemical is advanced on present-day chemical tools via the use of the right professionals, which makes this product smooth and exquisite.

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MEAI phenethylamine provided on this internet website online is designed for research and forensic packages.
HCl.  the weight of the technique is 163.216 gmol.
The factor results of MEAI are unknown.
the availability of goods, delivery time, and the price of delivery check with the supervisor.

– it is the large search for and selling records and revel in withinside the market of studies chemicals.
– We take shipping of several fee techniques: bitcoin, MoneyGram, Western Union, and monetary organization transfer.

What do you get while you purchase a chemical on
– a posted bag of aluminum foil containing a chemical of the primary elegance  6,7-dihydro-5H-indeno,3-dioxol-6-amine, monohydrochloride.
-Crystalline powder, over 90 8% pure.

We would love to draw your interest to the truth that earlier than putting an order you checked the legality of the crucial chemical materials. Independently take a look at the listing of prohibited substances for your u . s. We need you to place an order best for legally authorized substances in your USA. of America.

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Black Mamba Venom.

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20grams, 50 grams, 100 grams

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  1. Gabriela Gates

    We have been doing this for 9 months now, I am particularly pleased with the way you have handled my orders during the global health pandemic period. I hope you continue to work in this way even after the pandemic is over,

  2. Johanes Meczede

    Our Laboratories all across UK is fortunate to have found you. You provide best quality MEAI which is one of our main raw materials.
    Well done and lets keep working.

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